Lite-wire - A breakthrough in digital vehicle wiring technology available from Dun-Bri Group in the United Kingdom

5-step installation.

There are just five simple steps in configuring and installing your Lite-wire wiring system from Dun-Briā€¦

The Lite-wire system has been extensively developed to integrate with all commercial and non-commercial vehicle lighting electrical systems – the controller converts standard vehicle lighting inputs into electronic signals to control the items installed on the circuit.

Step 1: Install the controller

  • IP67 hermetically sealed power controller unit
  • Industry standard connection to vehicle electrical system
  • Auxiliary connector ports for signal lighting functions
  • LED power loading ports with Plug & Play simplicity
  • High impact durable construction
  • Programmable for bespoke applications

Step 2: Fit the cable

  • ADR approved 6mm diameter cable (used in entire harness)
  • Standard cable lengths from 0.25m to 20m inclusive
  • Plug & Play connection method
  • Unique Lite-wire cable to connect clamp
  • Industry proven connector design
  • IP67 hermetic sealing

Step 3: Connect the lamp or accessory

  • Connect lamps and accessories with Lite-wire T-piece connector
  • T-piece includes integral vehicle fixings for easy assembly
  • Secondary over-lock securing connectors and vehicle fixings
  • Full Plug & Play connection method
  • IP67 hermetic sealing
  • Connects all lamp types

Step 4: Simply repeat the process

  • Install all lamps using the common cable assembly and T-piece
  • All lamps connected in series allowing you to connect any lamp anywhere
  • Systems can include beacons, work lamps, switches and more
  • Infinite installation options
  • Fitted in minutes

Step 5: System complete

If you need any advice or assistance in specifying or designing a wiring solution with Lite-wire, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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