Lite-wire - A breakthrough in digital vehicle wiring technology available from Dun-Bri Group in the United Kingdom

Lite-linear 105 marker lamp.

LED marker light
Prepare for true 360-degree directional indicator visibility with the LITE-linear 105 marker light from Lite-wire…

The 115 and 105 series lights are an integral component of the Pulse system. The innovative design allows the fitment of these additional directional indicator and hazard warning functions without wiring complication.

Using only a single cable feed and the unique IP67-rated t-piece for lamp connection, a fully ‘plug-and-play’ solution is offered for all marker lights and additional indicators.


  • Innovative front or rear marker including directional indicator and reflex reflector
  • Flush-fit design for fitment in small areas
  • Integral two-position Pulse connector for lamp interlink
  • Two-part interchangeable module allows for lamp removal without tools
  • Protective and robust design for long-life


  • Front and rear options available
  • IP67-rated hermetic seal
  • E approved

If you need any advice or assistance in specifying or designing a wiring solution with Lite-wire, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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